Simple HTML Compiler

I've been busy over the past few months working on a new Windows application; please stay tuned for more information!

Soon there will be a much cheaper alternative to the traditional "HTML-to-EXE" style apps that package web pages into a single executable. This was borne from a need for a basic web page compiler and the realization that the other programs were just too expensive or required an annual subscription. My goal is to provide a simple app that isn't bloated with unnecessary bells and whistles, high cost, or an annual subscription model.

So please watch this space for a simpler solution to packaging up web page content into a self-contained, copy-protected application.

Initial release of Simple HTML Compiler will feature:

  • Packages up all content into one application -- HTML, CSS, images, PDF, everything
  • Encrypts the content and decrypts on-the-fly without saving into a temp folder (it's fast!)
  • Customizable
  • Prevents the end user from copying your content (right-click, selecting, Ctrl+C, etc.)

As with any upcoming release, the feature list is subject to change. But my goal is to design something basic that does its job and does it well. I only wish other HTML-compiling apps were like this.