So here I start.

It's been years since I've tried to create a new site.  I've wanted to start this one several years ago, but I've always wondered whether I really had anything new or valuable to share.  Plus I'll admit I've been only a spectator in new web development practices since I made the transition from static HTML to PHP scripting back in the late 90s.

Web development has truly grown up since I began memorizing that the <head> tag goes before <body> and that <table> tags are always followed by <tr> tags and that you can't just jump right into <td>.  Point is, it's not so much about needing to know pure HTML anymore (sorry, I'm not going to count the then-popular Microsoft FrontPage); it's all about themes, plugins, posts, and feeds.  "Search engine optimization..."  What?

It finally took a rainy day and inspiration from a modern blogger and friend of an extremely successful craft-making site, Craftaholics Anonymous, to make me question why I didn't just jump in and put into practice the concepts I've only read about for the past few years and share a bit of what I've learned.  There are a lot of better developers out there.  But if I keep waiting to find myself on the inside track of a bleeding-edge technology, then this site will remain just a thought in the back of my mind and it will never be realized.

So here I start.  I'm realizing it's about the journey of always striving to write better code, learning new techniques, and making mistakes along the way.  I'm not going to be perfect, but I'll give it my best shot.

- Jay